Male Thongs

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Many people are aware of the film Borat, by Sacha Baron Cohen. This infamous film followed the travels of a man from Kazakhstan across America and was very edgy by many film standards. However, one thing that sticks in the mind of many is the moment that he decides to wear a mankini, with a male thong incorporated into it. Yet, there is no need to feel disgusted by the though; male thongs can be and are purchased by thousands of men every year for a variety of reasons.

They are something a little bit different. People often get bored of the clothes that they are wearing and want a little bit of a change. The problem with underwear is that men don’t have a wide selection to choose from, yet with a mankini you have something completely different that will satisfy your need to change. It can also help you in the bedroom. A mankini leaves less space than briefs and is much tighter. This helps to create a rather satisfying bulge for even the least endowed; something that is sure to arouse your partner. People often find that underwear can be a little bit too warm during the day. Because a mankini uses very little material there is a lot more air getting to your body. This keeps you feeling a lot cooler and comfortable throughout the day. So, try to dispel any taboos you have about male thongs; they can actually be a very good alternative to your more conventional choice of underwear.

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